Partnerships require a special method of project management, because:

Van Marwijk Advies offers you the following services:

Survey of opportunities

Maybe you don’t have any concrete ideas on partnerships yet. It may be worth your while to have us explore within your own organization the opportunities for innovative co-operation with other sectors – and what may be in it for you. Based on your organization’s strategy and position and, crucially, the networks and motivation of you staff, Van Marwijk Advies conducts a survey of the opportunities for partnerships within your organization, with an estimate of the costs (also in human resources), the risks and the results.


Innovation doesn’t happen just like that. It requires strength and inspiration, a catalyst who generates workable ideas, who kindles people’s enthousiasm and leads them into a new way of working and communicating. Experience shows that it can be effective and efficient to hire an external consultant to make things work.


If you decide to go ahead with a partnership it is important to incorporate the central idea and the working methods in the long-term strategy and working plans of your organization. Van Marwijk Advies offers support in drawing up strategies and working plans.

Training and coaching

By adopting a partnership, you will require your staff to adopt new working methods in co-operating with organizations from other sectors, often on projects radically different from the ones they’re used to. For many people, this represents a monumental change. It is important to introduce these changes well, in order to stir your staff’s enthousiasm, and to create realistic expectations. In this stage, Van Marwijk Advies offers training courses and individual coaching.

Be your partnership broker

Van Marwijk Advies can act as a “partnership broker” on behalf of your organization, i.e. to approach potential partners, draw up agreements (to be formalized in a covenant, a Memorandum of Understanding or a Partnership Agreement), or to manage a partnership.

Tool books

Many tool books have been published on how to set up a partnership. But such tool books are only really useful – and used – if they are written with the pratices of your organization in mind, and if they respect your own rules, contract conditions, working methods and culture. Van Marwijk Advies offers you tailor-made tool books, attractively combining your organization’s own culture with innovative, easy-to-use tools and tips on partnerships.


Partnerships are at the heart of the Netherlands’ government’s development co-operation strategy. Dealing from many years’ experience as the Special Partnerships Advisor to the Dutch Development Co-operation Ministry, Van Marwijk Advies can help you identify policy priorities, contacts and subsidies.


Too often, communication ends up at the bottom of the list. Wrongly so, because effective communication and public relations about new projects and contacts are essential to garner trust, support and enthusiasm within and without your organization.

Van Marwijk Advies offers you to:

  • Draw up a communication plan

  • Organize meaningful events for internal and external purposes

  • Write PR material on your partnership (web site, flyer, articles for the trade press)

  • Write (sections of) your CRS Annual Report Intake


In order to identify the opportunities, problems and possible solutions, a meaningful intake stage is necessary.
According to your preferences and possibilities, this stage is comprised of: